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Styrene (SM) CAS 100-42-5 China Best Price

Product NameStyrene Molecular format:C8H8 CAS No:100-42-5 Product molecular structure Specification:






99.7 min




Peroxide Content(as H2O2





Transparent liquid

  Chemical Properties Styrene is a liquid at room temperature, colorless, with a pungent odor, styrene is flammable, boiling point 145.2 degrees Celsius, freezing point of -30.6 degrees Celsius, specific gravity 0.906, styrene is insoluble in water, if at 25 degrees Celsius, styrene solubility is only 0.066%. Styrene can be mixed with ether, methyl ferment, carbon disulfide, acetone, benzene, toluene and tetra-ironic carbon in any proportion. Styrene is a good solvent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and many organic compounds. Styrene is toxic and can cause poisoning if the human body inhales too much styrene vapor. The allowed concentration of styrene in air is 0.1mg/L. Styrene vapor and air will form an explosive mixture.   Application: Styrene is an important monomer of synthetic rubber, adhesives and plastics. [3,4,5] It is used for the synthesis of styrene butadiene rubber and polystyrene resin, polyester glass fiber reinforced plastics and coatings. It is used for preparing polystyrene, ion exchange resin, and foam polystyrene. It is also used for copolymerization with other monomers to produce various engineering plastics, such as copolymerization of acrylonitrile and butadiene to produce ABS resin, widely used in various household appliances and industries. Copolymerization with acrylonitrile, obtained SAN is a resin with shock resistance and bright color. The SBS produced by copolymerization with butadiene is a thermoplastic rubber, which is widely used as a polyvinyl chloride and acrylic modifier. SBS and SIS thermoplastic elastomers are made with butadiene and isoprene copolymerization, and as a crosslinking monomer, styrene is used in the modification of PVC, polypropylene, and unsaturated polyester. Syrene is used as a hard monomer for the production of styrene acrylic emulsion and solvent pressure sensitive adhesive. Emulsion adhesive and paint can be prepared by copolymerization with vinyl acetate and acrylic ester. Styrene is one of the most commonly used vinyl monomers in the scientific field, used in various modified and composite materials.[6] In addition, a small amount of styrene is also used as perfume and other intermediates. By chloromethylation of styrene, cinnamyl chloride is used as an intermediate for the non anesthetic analgesic strong pain determination, and styrene is also used as an antitussive, expectorant and anticholinergic original medicine in stomach Changning. It can be used to synthesize anthraquinones dye intermediates , pesticide emulsifiers, and styrene phosphonic acids ore dressing agent and copper plating brighteners.

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