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Polyurethane (PU) CAS 51852-81-4 High Quality And Low Price

Product Name:polyurethane Product molecular structure:   Chemical Properties:  Polyurethane (PU), the full name of polyurethane, is a polymer compound. 1937 by Otto Bayer and other production of this material. There are two major types of polyurethane, polyester type and polyether type. They can be made into polyurethane plastics (mainly foam), polyurethane fibers (called spandex in China), polyurethane rubber and elastomers. Flexible polyurethane is mainly a linear structure with thermoplasticity, which has better stability, chemical resistance, resilience and mechanical properties than PVC foam, with less compression variability. It has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, shock resistance, and anti-toxic properties. Therefore, it is used as packaging, sound insulation and filtering materials. Rigid polyurethane plastic is light, sound insulation, superior thermal insulation, chemical resistance, good electrical properties, easy processing, and low water absorption. It is mainly used as structural material for construction, automobile, aviation industry, heat insulation and thermal insulation. Polyurethane elastomer performance between plastic and rubber, oil resistance, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, high hardness, elasticity. It is mainly used in the shoe industry and medical industry. Polyurethane can also be made into adhesives, coatings, synthetic leather, etc.   Application: Polyurethanes are one of the most versatile materials in the world today. Their many uses range from flexible foam in upholstered furniture, to rigid foam as insulation in walls, roofs and appliances to thermoplastic polyurethane used in medical devices and footwear, to coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers used on floors and automotive interiors. Polyurethanes have increasingly been used during the past thirty years in a variety of applications due to their comfort, cost benefits, energy savings and potential environmental soundness. What are some of the factors that make polyurethanes so desirable? Polyurethane durability contributes significantly to the long lifetimes of many products. The extensions of product life cycle and resource conservation are important environmental considerations that often favor the selection of polyurethanes[19-21]. Polyurethanes (PUs) represent an important class of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers as their mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties can be tailored by the reaction of various polyols and poly-isocyanates.

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