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petroleum resin CAS 68131-77-1 High Quality And Low Price

Product Name:petroleum resin CAS No:68131-77-1 Commonly used resins:C9 petroleum resin and C5 petroleum resin Chemical Properties:: Petroleum resin is a thermoplastic resin produced from the C5 and C9 fractions produced by petroleum cracking, through pretreatment, polymerization and distillation processes.   Application: A. Paint:Paint mainly uses high softening point C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin, C5/C9 copolymer resin, paint adding petroleum resin can increase paint gloss, improve paint film adhesion, hardness, acid resistance, alkali resistance. B、Rubber:Rubber mainly uses low softening point C5 petroleum resin, C5/C9 copolymer resin and DCPD resin. Such resins and natural rubber grains have good mutual solubility, and there is no major impact on the vulcanization process of rubber, and the addition of petroleum resin to rubber can play a role in increasing viscosity, reinforcement and softening. Especially the addition of C5/C9 copolymer resin can not only increase the adhesion between the rubber grains, but also improve the adhesion between the rubber grains and the cord, which is suitable for radial tires and other rubber products with high requirements. C. Adhesive industry:Petroleum resin has good adhesive properties, the addition of petroleum resin in the adhesive and pressure-sensitive tape can improve the adhesive strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, and can effectively reduce production costs. D、Ink industry:Petroleum resins for inks are mainly high softening point C9 petroleum resins and DCPD resins. The addition of petroleum resin in ink can play a role in spreading color, fast drying, brightening effect, and improving printing performance. E. Coating Industry:Petroleum resin has good adhesion to concrete or asphalt pavement, good abrasion resistance and water resistance, good affinity with inorganic substances, easy to coat, good weather resistance, fast drying, high solidity, and can improve the physical and chemical properties of the layer, improve UV resistance and weather resistance. Petroleum resin road marking paint gradually tends to be mainstream, and the demand rises year by year. F、Other:Resin has a certain unsaturated, can be used for paper gluing agent, plastic modifier, etc. V. Petroleum resin is non-dangerous, in the process of transportation, it should be protected from sunlight and rain; it should not be transported together with spontaneous combustion, strong oxidizer and strong acid. Petroleum resin should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry environment. The storage period is generally one year, and it can still be used after one year if it passes the inspection.

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